Slimming Belt - Cure


The ultrasound belt turns fat into energy - 1200 calories per 40-minute session.


The Slim Sonic Slimness Turbocharger is a unique solution, which, under the effect of Sonic Resonance ™ ultrasound, destocks 1200 Kcal on the targeted area. Healthy, fast and lasting.

In a Cure you will measure a decrease in your waist size of about 3 centimeters. A Turbo Slimming Cure allows you to lose centimeters where you want in just a few days, Thighs - Glutes - Size ... A method adapted to all.


Stubborn and accumulated fats for a long time are released over where the belt is placed, so fat cells are easily eliminated.


You perform 6 sessions, over a period of a few days and stretchable up to three weeks for optimal efficiency. (Possibility to choose between 6, 12 or 18 sessions)          

At each session you will have a cardio training program. Possibility of personal training with a coach (optional).

We offer you a nutritional plan that will optimize your results.


For more informations and appointments:


6   sessions                 170 €

12  sessions                299 €

18  sessions                399 €


New generation wireless belt available in the club.

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