Privilège Boxing

Privilege Boxing is a unique concept developed and patented by Sebastien Flaig.

Playful and highly effective, it teaches you fists and feet boxing methods and improves your speeds skills. It is an excellent way of learning self-defense basics, letting off steam and getting a great physical stamina.

Mixed of different workshops - boxmaster, battle rope, punching ball - Privilege Boxing has become a major part in boxing training.

Results : joints flexibility, better posture, coordination, cardiovascular training


Duration : 45 minutes

Type of class : 3 levels + 1 Masterclass, in small group

Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6.30 pm

Every Wednesday at 6.15 pm


Privilege Coaching lends you the material


Price: 25 € the course

Price: 2 sessions for week at 34 € per month

Price: Unlimited formula at 52 € per month

Price: Pack of 10 lessons at 150 €

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