Personal Trainer - Physical Condition


Depending on your physical conditions and the sport goals that you have set, you will benefit from a

complete assessment of your physical level. This is essential to determine your strengths and weaknesses in order to adapt your training program. To make it easier for you to achieve your goals and reach your

optimal physical fitness, our customized program can also be done outdoors or at your home.


Results: better physical condition, tonicity, muscular strengthening.


A real know-how, a professional and sporting experience, the coaches of PRIVILEGE COACHING They allow you to start in the best conditions, then to progress after a week. They supervise your training programs and improve your fitness.


Duration : 60 minutes

  • Characteristics:


- Personalized session, tailor-made

- Professional equipment Technogym and technical equipment: TRX, Fitness Disq, BoxMaster, BOSU, Medicine Ball, Bike spinning, Treadmill Star Trac

- Breast and balanced nutritional advice and program combining Detox and a balance of your PH. - Practice Safety

- Muscular and Cardio / Stretching and Relaxation Program

- Physical Preparation, High Performance Sports and Competition


Coaches : Sébastien FLAIG / Elodie DELAMARE / Jean Luc CADET


Starting from 55 € per session

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