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Cross Training

Cross Training is an ideal way to firm and strengthen all your muscles. The rotation between the different exercises makes this class the most
diverse and complete workout. This class is opened to everyone at any level and is easily adapted according to individual abilities.


Results: tones muscles, muscle mass, joint and tendon strengthening, cardiovascular training, recovery


Duration: 45 minutes

Type of class: Group session


Stretching allows to loosen your joints and to stretch the different muscles your body. It is an ideal exercise to ease muscles tension and gain flexibility in a gentle way.


Results : muscle flexibility, joints flexibility, better posture, relaxation


Duration : 45 minutes

Type of class : Group session



To maintain a harmonious silhouette at all age, abdominal, thighs and glutes are the three zones you need to work on. There are no secrets, you have to apply weight training in order to reach your goal. The sessions will allow you to strengthen your abdominal belt, improve the back of your body, tone up your thighs and shape your muscles.


Results: slimness, toned abs, strengthened muscles


Duration: 45 minutes

Type of class: Group session


Pilates strengthens the deep muscles responsible for the posture.

The deep muscles (abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles) constitute the body’s energy center, which makes you stronger and more stable.
Pilates works strongly against stress by improving body awareness,
its strength and limits.


Results : joints flexibility, better posture, coordination, cardiovascular training


Duration : 45 minutes

Type of class : Group session





39 €

Monthly subscription allowing you to be totally flexible, access to group lessons and a badge giving full freedom to the club during opening hours.

Subscription for an indefinite period with a minimum commitment of 12 months

Registration and management fees at 75 €





* 30 €

Group lessons, access to boxing, cardio and muscular space

Immediate payment 720 € (ie 30 € / month)

Fixed-term contract with 24-month commitment

Registration fee 75 €


* 65 €

Subscription for 1 month at 65 € without commitment

Unlimited access - Group lesson included.


* 15 €

Subscription for 1 day

Access to the Club from 7.30 am to 10 pm - group lesson included.

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